A message from Grace Adams,

Owner of Body Conscious Massage


How it all began and where we are headed:


After finishing my initial training at the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy (AAIMT,) I was focused on doing pain management massage and was eager to start my career as a massage therapist in Ann Arbor.  I worked as a massage therapist all over the city.  I did private massage, Spa massage, walk-in massage, on-site massage, in-home massage; I even did massage out of my own home.  I worked with sports teams and did massage at the University of Michigan Spine Program alongside Physical Therapists.  I started teaching at the University of Michigan Medical School for their alternative medicine day and was also a part of their alternative medicine community visits.  After gaining all of this experience, I realized I did not really fit into any of those approaches to massage therapy by themselves.  I decided that if I didn’t share a vision with any of the existing clinics in town, then I had to create my own massage therapy practice.  I had so many ideas: what to do differently, how to market massage therapy, with whom to network, etc.  It was this realization which led to Body Conscious.


I started Body Conscious in December of 2011 in a very small room in Kerrytown.  My goal was to start with only myself in a single room doing pain management massage and after a year try and find a couple more people to be involved.  I wanted to slowly build a team of people interested in working with stress and pain relief.  I wanted to create a clinic based on helping people with their specific and chronic pain conditions.  I wanted to help people deal with underlying problems, not just massage the part that hurt and send them home.


I knew if I worked hard and took slow and steady steps I could achieve my goal.  When beginning to network in the medical community, I realized quickly that I was going to need to build a team of people with the highest credentials, training, experience, and skill sets to be able to take on this kind of referral base.  I knew if I could find this team of people we could become the best massage therapy practice in Ann Arbor.  By building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients and our referral sources, we would create a steady base of clients for our clinic.


About three months into having a private space and building my clientele, I decided Amber Wilson would be a great addition to my team, and that she could help me build my reputation in working with specific and chronic pain.  I had worked with her before and knew immediately it would be a good fit.  By the end of the first year, we were so busy we had to move to a new, larger location.  I decided to take that step sooner than I originally planned because I had faith that I would be able to build an adequate team to handle it.  And I did.  I hand-selected my amazing team over the two years in our new location, and we just kept growing.


It happened just as organically the second time we moved. When we felt like we were outgrowing our space, another one presented itself and we were able to keep our business in the same neighborhood and grow our team even bigger. We are now in a space where we can focus more on increasing our skills, our service to our clients, and our amazing brand.


Together, my staff and I are Body Conscious, and we will continue to grow in all ways positive while helping to heal the people of Ann Arbor.  Thank you for being a part of my vision. 



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