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Our highly trained and certified therapists will help you determine the right treatment for your optimum health.  Our clinic is distinguished by the care and attention we invest in customized treatments for our clients.  Come see why Body Conscious has the best massage therapy Ann Arbor has to offer!  How can we help you be your healthiest?

Our Specialties:

Pain Management Massage


A Body Conscious Specialty, this is an individualized massage designed to treat your specific and chronic pain issues. Get a structural assessment, treatment plan, and home care to help you live pain free!



30 min: $45     45 min: $60     60 min: $80     75 min: $95    

90 min: $110     120 min: $140


Relaxation Massage


A deeply relaxing, full-body massage with the option of adding essential oils to enhance your treatment.


30 min: $40     45 min: $55     60 min: $75     75 min: $90    

90 min: $105     120 min: $135

Integrative Massage


Experience the best of both worlds! This massage combines our full-body relaxation massage with pain management and sports massage techniques to treat specific or chronic pain and truly help you live pain and stress free.


30 min: $45     45 min: $60     60 min: $80     75 min: $95    

90 min: $110     120 min: $140

Sports Massage


Loosen the whole body with compressions, assisted stretching, joint mobilizations, and massage. This invigorating treatmenet is faster paced with a lot of movement, and can be used to prepare for and recover from events, or individualized to fit your specific sport.


60 min: $85     75 min: $100     90 min: $115     120 min: $145


Pre/Post Event Package (2, 1 hr sessions, 7 day expiration): $130


Pre-/Post-Natal Massage

A side-lying massage experience for mom! Relax and treat your aches and pains while helping your body prepare for or recover from childbirth.


60 min: $80     75 min: $95     90 min: $110    120 min: $140

Hot Stone Massage:


A massage experience that deeply relaxes your entire body and mind using therapeutic hot stones. Ask to add essential oils to enhance your treatment.


90 min: $130     120 min: $160


Lymphatic Massage (formerly Manual Lymphatic Drainage):


A gentle, rhythmic technique that helps stimulate the lymphatic system to move lymph fluid containing cellular waste through the body and into the circulatory system.  Read more about the specific issues that MLD can help HERE.


30 min: $60     60 min: $100


Add 15 or 30 minutes of Lymphatic Massage on to any regular massage:

15 Minute Add-On: $20     30 Minute Add-On: $40


Please fill out the MLD Intake Form prior to your first visit.  This will help save time. If you cannot fill out the form before your first visit, please come 15 - 20 minutes early to fill out the form at the office. Gina strongly recommends your first visit be 60 minutes in length unless you would be considered medically fragile, or you are pregnant, in which case it is better to start slower with a 15-minute session.


**This modality is provided by Gina Rogers, LMT, CMLDT; Jolyn Baker, BCTMB, LMT; and Jen Christian, NCTMB, LMT (15 Minute Add-On only)**


CranioSacral Therapy:


A very gentle modality that releases restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the functioning of the central nervous system. This modality is effective for a wide range of medical issues associated with pain and dysfunction.


**This modality is provided by Jen Christian**


30 min: $40     45 min: $55     60 min: $75     75 min: $90  


Ashiatsu Massage:
Ashiatsu is a deep broad pressure massage performed with the therapist's feet, and is similar to deep foam rolling your whole body. It is a full body routine, not specific or detailed work. It works large muscle groups and other soft tissue, and stimulates the body’s deep lymphatic system, helping remove toxins and metabolic waste. It is mostly shoulder, back, hip and leg work with some arm and a little hand and foot work.
90 Min.: $130

 Couples Massage:


Share a relaxing moment with someone special when you book a Couples Massage. With two tables and two therapists in one room, you can be together while experiencing individualized relaxation massages. Perfect for a date night, a celebration, or just to de-stress. Remember to book well in advance to get the best time for you and your partner! 


60 min: $160     75 min: $190     90 min: $220


On-site and Event massage:


We bring massage to you!  Whether you have a big event you are hosting or you just want to reward your staff for doing a good job, we can help. Offering 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute chair massages regularly to your staff can help prevent stress related illnesses and keep your staff relaxed and ready to work.  Or if you are planning an event, offering chair massage can be an added attraction to get people in the door.  We can send 1-5 therapists for anywhere from 1-5 hours.


$70/hr per therapist + traveling and set up fee


Infant Massage Class with Amina Peters:


Learn how to massage your infant with in-home instruction from Amina Peters.  Amina is a mother of four and a certified newborn massage instructor.  Some benefits of infant massage are:

  • promote bonding between newborn and parents
  • helps with digestive issues and gas
  • helps baby sleep better
  • stimulate circulation

Classes are one hour long and cost $90.

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